Comedy Night to bring on the laughs


The Speech Club will be hosting a comedy night on March 28  from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. in the PepsiCo theatre for Norwalk Community College students and faculty.

This will be the second time that the comedy night will be held, the first being last semester. The idea was created by student Bennie Harlem, who first went to Student Activities director Adrienne Connley.

“I thought he had a great idea. We didn’t really have a comedy night at NCC at all,” said Conley.

Conley directed him to the speech club, who assisted Harlem in hosting the event. Susan Siedell, advisor to the speech club, encouraged the idea.

“It’s something that I think students love. Who doesn’t like comedy,” said Siedell.

The previous semester, the event garnered an audience of about 25 students according to Siedell  and was held in the auditorium. The club is holding it in the PepsiCo theatre, and so Siedell hopes to have a larger audience to fill the larger amount of seats.

According to Club President Ralph White Jr., the primary goal of the club this time around was advertisement in order to fill those seats. Last year, word of mouth was the only way people found out about the event. White is attempting to use more mediums this time around to get the word out.

“What I’m working on right now is getting information on the LCD screens around school, so that when people walk in, they see there is a comedy show,” said White.

Word of mouth is a larger factor this time around, with Facebook being used to help spread the word, and fliers have also been hung up around the schools advertising the event.

Harlem himself has been assisting in the advertisement, passing out fliers and getting his friends to get as many audience members as possible. Harlem has expressed his enjoyment of the event the previous semester as the primary factor behind this semester’s show.

“I do comedy anyway, and I wanted to do something down in the forum so I could videotape it so I could send it to some of the (comedy) clubs, but when I did it the first time, I liked it. I wanted to keep doing it,” said Harlem.

Both Harlem and White stated that a few problems occurred at last years comedy night. The microphones were not functional, forcing the performers to have to shout in order to be heard. Additionally, one of the performers showed up late to the event. This time around, White is taking measures to assure everything runs smoothly.

“I’m personally going to be there early to make sure that won’t be a problem again,” said White.

Between the advertisements around the school and the extra push through word of mouth, White’s hopes are high for the event. Currently, there are two confirmed performers for the event but others will potentially join the lineup according to White.

“This time we got the PepsiCo, so we’re going to try to pack the place or at least get a lot of people to be there,” said White.

White expressed the speech club’s interest in continuing comedy night in future years, even once Harlem leaves the school. They would also like to hold the event more often if circumstances allow.

“As long as we have someone that’s dedicated to comedy, who could at least spearhead it…we want to have it every semester, if possible,” said White.

Harlem made it clear he would like to perform more often. He stated that for him, it creates an opportunity to tell his jokes in a more personal setting to a crowd he knows will understand him.

“I’ve been trying to get people that I know to come see me in my own environment and see how I interact with this crowd,” said Harlem. “As long as I’m here, I know I’m going to get on stage.”

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