A sit-down with hip-hop artist Kid Ink


California hip-hop artist Kid Ink struck platinum with his new hit single “Show Me” featuring Chris Brown. With over one million copies of the song sold, Kid Ink has been taking over the charts. His single is currently number one on the hip-hops Top 10 charts.

Mike Squires alongside hip-hop artist Kid Ink

With the recent release of his album “My Own Lane,” Kid Ink is now starting his tour which has 40 shows booked worldwide. I had the opportunity to sit down with Kid Ink and talk to him before he embarks on his journey.

Q: Tell me about your new hit single “Show Me (Feat. Chris Brown).” 

A: “Yeah, it’s a pretty good club record that I felt I had been missing for a while, it was a fun record to create, and was commercial at the same time, and then Chris Brown came through and made it even better, and I appreciate him for that.”

Q: Is there a particular person who inspired “Show Me”?

A: “Of course you try to tap back into memories when you are writing, but shout out to T-Fly who ended up writing the hook with me and maybe someone was on his mind when he was writing the hook, but for my verses I was just keeping it open and relatable. I wouldn’t say I had anyone specific in mind while writing the record.”

Q: How was it like working with Chris Brown?

A: “It was fun, it was definitely an energetic studio session, it was consistent music going, and once something was done it was on to the next song.  We got about three songs finished. He works a similar way to me in the fact that he gets in the booth and just has fun with it. After, Chris Brown played me his album and it was very inspiring and helped set the tone for the studio session.“

Q: What advice do you have for college kids chasing their dreams?

A: “Work hard and stay consistent, love what you do at the end of the day. Make sure that what you are doing or studying is what you love, and not doing it to please someone else.“

Q: If you could collaborate with any artist dead or alive who would it be?

A: “I’ll give you both. As for alive, I feel that once you get that Jay-Z feature is when you are on in the hip-hop industry. As far as dead, I feel Notorious B.I.G. was my favorite rapper growing up. I was born on the West Coast but Biggie portrayed a certain lifestyle I was interested in.”

Q: What is your biggest inspiration?

A: “My biggest inspiration right now has to be fans, I feel I do so much and try to please fans; they motivate me to work hard. For example, when a fan comes up to me and tells me that my song got them through exams, it inspires me to speak for people.”

Kid Ink plans to keep expanding and says “this is only the beginning.” Make sure to purchase his album “My Own Lane” available at Best Buy, iTunes, and other music distributors. You can stay up to date with Kid Ink by following his social media accounts.

Instagram: @KidInkBatGang

Twitter: @Kid_Ink


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