Advising week kicks off spring semester early





Advising Week took place from Mon. Oct. 28 through Fri. Nov. 1, 2013, giving students a chance to choose their classes for the spring semester.

“Advising week is basically to encourage students to meet with a faculty member in their department before registration for the next semester starts” said Dean of Students Robert Baer.

Advising Week was the kick off to registration for the spring semester. Registration for spring 2014 has begun as of Fri. Nov. 1. But if a student did not meet with an advisor during advising week, appointments can still be made.

“Although we call it advising week what the intention is that during that week a student identifies their faculty advisor and goes to their office and sets up an appointment to meet with the faculty member,” said Pamela Edington, Provost and Dean of Academic Affairs “So it’s not so critical that they meet that week but that they have set up an appointment to discuss their program of study.”

Next year a new no late registration policy will be upheld for the spring semester. Students must register for classes prior to the first day of the semester, Jan. 24.

According to Baer, students may add or drop a course after the Jan. 24 deadline, but only if a student is already enrolled in courses.

“We have put in this new policy to help students,” said Baer “to change the culture to say that we want you to start on time to be successful.”

For each major there is a faculty member that is the program’s advisor and with whom a student may seek advising.  The Student Success Center also exists specifically for general education majors to be advised or students of any major if they so choose. Lastly, for students who are undeclared the counseling department is where these students can be advised and also be helped on deciding on a major.

Students are encouraged to see an advisor within their department of study not just for picking courses but also to create a relationship with a professional in their field of study.  Advising is meant to go beyond registration and serve as a resource for students to use as they advance in their selective fields.

“Advising, it’s not just selecting your courses it’s finding out about who you are as a student and what kinds of support and resources are available to help you achieve your goals” said Edington.

This will be the third straight year that advising week will be held. While there aren’t any recorded figures keeping track of the number of students being advised, since the inception of advising week there has been a spike in early enrollment according to Baer.

The amount of students being advised across the campus has taken off as some students are having difficulty finding a time to meet with an advisor.

“I called today to see if I can get an appointment but they’re [appointment slots] all filled,” said Carolina Rendon, a Pre-Nursing major.

As for whether it is actually imperative that a student meets with an advisor prior to registration, students around NCC gave mixed reactions.

“I registered by myself before and then I put myself in the wrong classes so I need to meet an advisor so I know what I’m doing,” said Cynthia Contreras a Human Services major.

While some students seek out advising, others shy away viewing advising as an impediment rather than a necessity when registering for courses.

“My counselor pressured me into taking Intro to Bio[logy] but I didn’t really see a point to that because I already took AP bio in high school so I don’t need Intro to Bio,” said Vincent Filardi, a Psychology major “He signed me up for that class anyways but luckily I dropped the class in time to get my money back.”

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