Alicia Keys is a ‘Girl on Fire’

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She’s back! Alicia Keys released her 13 track album, “Girl on Fire,” on Nov 27. Her title track, “Girl on Fire,” made the top 100 billboard charts. Alicia returned after three years with an inspirational and upbeat album since her last album “Element of Freedom”.

Keys’ opening track “Brand New Me” is one of my favorites because she sings about the new her. I found it to be an inspirational track about finding yourself and not caring for anyone’s opinions. Another track that fits into this inspirational category would be her track “New Day” because it‘s upbeat, powering and makes you want to dance. “ I’m gonna give it my all, whether I rise or fall, I’m gonna give it my all..”, sung by Keys, in her song “New Day“.

The songs “Tears always win” and “Not even the king” are all very much like her style; piano inspired. Both songs are about love: one being about the hardships of a breakup and the other is about being in a love and how priceless it is. Keys brings about the intimacy of this love song “Not even the King,” with a solo piano and herself. It is another one of my likes about the album. Not only is it very well put but the lyrics of the song are very touching and easy to relate to being in love.

Alicia’s album features collaboration with Maxwell- “Fire we make“. The “Fire we make” is a song about love making but without being explicit. Both artists worked great as a duet; simply it was perfectly done. Alicia has another version of the song “Girl on Fire” featuring Nicki Minaj. I believe Alicia made a beautiful song alone and didn’t need to be tainted with Minaj’s heavy rap introduction at the beginning of the song.

Many of Keys’ fans can relate to her songs because she sings about real life; encouragement, strength, and the ups and downs of love. I would recommend the ‘Girl on Fire’ album since it is a rebirth of her work. It has a little bit for everyone’s taste.

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