Bill Rosemann speaks at Academic Festival


On April 3 and 4 the Academic Festival was held on the East Campus with the theme “Super Women and Super Men: What’s Your Superpower?”. The keynote speaker was Marvel Comics Editor Bill Rosemann.

Academic Festivals of the past do not measure up to the proportions of this Academic Festival. After all with great power comes great responsibility.

The events that happened at the festival varied from poetry and films to various speeches on topics such as pet ownership and social entrepunership.

Bill Rosemann, Marvel Comics Editor, visited the East Campus to be the keynote speaker of the Academic Festival. A man of superior power in creating the characters of Marvel came to share his knowledge with other young heroes/heroines.

Bill Rosemann in the iconic Spiderman pose.

“Marvel has always been great at telling the stories of underdogs who struggle against great odds, and while they are not perfect, and they all have flaws, they all have problems, they look within, they dig deep, when they are knocked down they get up, and they keep trying to do the right thing,” said Rosemann

Rosemann took the students of Norwalk Community College into the world of comics through introducing five hero friends of his.

“Our heroes, not when it’s easy for them, but when it’s hard, step up,” said Rosemann in reference to his five heroes.

Bill Rosemann talked about the powers that comics hold over those that read them.

“The reader of any age realizes I can’t just run around smashing things. There’s gonna be repercussions. But it does offer that outlet,” said Rosemann. “In your life you can’t smash things, but you can read The Hulk comic.”

Rosemann also talked about the power that comics held over him as a child, particularly in the hero Spiderman.

“Spiderman certainly is sort of a perfect Marvel creation,” said Rosemann. “He was the rebel, and he revolutioned the idea of what a super hero could be.”

While Rosemann introduced his five hero friends spectators were anticipating the next hero to be revealed.

The anticipation was shown through many shouts of pride for said hero and yelling the alias and true name of the hero before the hero was revealed.

Fatima Jamarelli, NCC student, came to Rosemann’s speech to critique it for class. However Jamarelli found his speech to be engaging in general, specifically enjoying the part to do with history.

“I think anyone that gets into the comics or even the movies and characters should do a little background research. They can learn about something about history on a more personal level,” said Jamarelli.

Nathan Borum, NCC student, showed his enthusiasm for Rosemann’s speech by dressing up as Batman.

According to Borum, Rosemann’s speech was inspirational because regular people and heroes in the comics go through the same problems in life.

“We’re all growing, we’re all going into our field and what not and a lot of us are struggling with studies and what not and our everyday lives,” said Borum.

According to Borum, the heroes in comics can act as a drive for regular people.

“We can take something from superheroes and find something that drives us like protecting people or helping people… that can just help us through our day,” said Borum.

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