Bus change challenges commuters

Photo by Paula Araujo

By Andrea Ojeda

With the new semester come new changes, and the change to the CT Transit bus schedules is the new change to start off the new semester. As of Jan. 13, 2013 the new bus schedules have only affected Norwalk Community College transportation for Stamford commuters and commuters going through Stamford..

While I was unable to get any comment from the CT Transit company, their website states that periodical changes are made to schedules so overall efficiency of service can be improved.     Now the 45X, also known as the NCC Flyer, and the 41A, also known as the Norwalk bus, schedules have changed to accommodate more students by expanding the schedule times.

Both buses now come earlier than before. Buses earlier in the day come 10 to 15 minutes after every hour. After 3p.m. the buses come every 30 minutes. Another significant change to the schedule is that the 45X NCC Flyer no longer operates on Friday because of the small amount of class activity on campus, however the 41A operates from Monday to Saturday.

Students who regularly ride the bus expect the same schedule to run once the semester starts, but that wasn’t the case. Announcements made for the changed bus schedules came as a news post online on CT Transit’s website and a poster that was on the buses a week before the schedules changed. Even with the announcements the new schedules still came as a surprise to some students.       Once students became used to the new schedule, opinions started to form. To some students the opinions about the new bus schedules were positive. For students that get out of late hour classes, the new bus schedule is beneficial because they don’t have to wait for a bus to come every half an hour.

“Now that there’s a four o’ clock bus, my class gets out at three fifty, so I feel like it’s perfect because before I had to either wait a half an hour before to catch the bus or like try and get out a little earlier to make the early bus,” said Kayla Negron, fourth semester student.

Kayla Negron is one of many students that reap the benefits of the new bus schedules; especially because the bus has been Negron’s main way of transportation to school. For student’s that can’t wait to get home, this new schedule works wonders, but opinions have also been negative.

“I would just get on the bus to come here and I would be right on time for class. Now I have to get up earlier than what I’m used to, just in order to make the express.” said Jeffrey Saavredra, student.

Commuters that greatly appreciate their sleep may not feel the new bus schedules are beneficial. Some students like Saavedra may feel that the new schedule takes away from their sleeping schedule and that does not benefit them at all. Having to re arrange a sleep schedule to fit the bus schedule is another task added to the list of student needs for the new semester.

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