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Corrections – Issue 3

The Oct. 12 issue of the Voice contains several errors: The date on the front page is incorrect. Robert Baer’s name is misspelled in a photo caption on Page 1. Audrey Camino’s name is misspelled…

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Corrections – Issue 2

Apologies to Darline St-Jude for having the wrong title.   “Antichamber delivers a unique challenge: The date is supposed to be Jan. 31.‘   “On the web…: ‘crowed’ is supposed to be crowded.   “Frank…

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Corrections(Issue 1)

  ‘Official student emails have arrived’: Rose Ellis is the Dean of Administration not head of the IT department.   ‘Safety is overlooked’: The “H” building is not named after William H. Schwab.

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Corrections Issue 4 (April 9)

Peter Buetel Page –   Apologies to John Alvard whose memory of Peter Buetel was missing from the last issue. His dedication can be read here.

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CORRECTIONS Issue 3(Mar. 19)

Heard in the halls – Quotes by Paulo Arujo and John Gonzalez were switched. Nadia Ayad, a staff member of the Voice, had her name mispelled.

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Corrections: Issue 2 – Feb.27

Club Fair Article -There were 60 people at one point, but there were upward of 200 to 300 people passing in and out throughout the fair. -Erica Harris’ name was put in as “Erica Parris.”…