Club Fair showcases the college’s varied flavors


On Feb. 17, the Club Fair took place in the East Campus atrium. It was held from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., with 30 of the school’s 42 active clubs present.

Students and teachers crowded around tables to see what clubs the school had to offer. A Student Government election was held during the Club Fair.

Student Government coordinated the Club Fair with the help of Javon Noblin, director of Student Activities. According to Noblin, it took two weeks process to organize the Club Fair. 

Noblin has been director of Student Activities for about three months and was responsible for making sure the event ran smoothly. 

Noblin said the Club Fair is important because it shows students what the college has to offer. 

“The importance of the Club Fair is to give students the opportunity of exposure to what the college has to offer,” Noblin said. 

According to Noblin, most students go to classes and then leave the campus; students do not join clubs and “that is not what the college experience is about.”

Noblin said the Club Fair helps students and teachers make connections. According to Noblin, it is quite important that students connect with others during their college experience. 

Noblin said she wants students to know that her door is “wide open” for them. Her office is located in room w112 on the West Campus. 

Noblin said that the “most known” clubs are the African American Culture Club, the Music and Theater Club and the Gaming Club. 

Noblin said her favorite part of the fair was the fact that students were participating—and enjoying being involved. 

Noblin said, “[I think] seeing students enjoying themselves [was my favorite part] because college is more than going to class; it is holistic and it is about going mentally and spiritually.”

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