College opens its doors in turbulant times


The college is hosting a public forum for the “Multi-Campus Hazard Mitigation Plan” to educate the community on how to prepare and deal with natural disasters.  .

The Connecticut State Colleges and Universities want to put planning requirements into all Connecticut colleges and universities so if the time were to ever arise, the campuses would be prepared.

The meeting will touch on many subjects, including a multi-campus mitigation plan, planning processes and hazard profiles.

According to the presentation, the schools will create something called, “Hazard Profiles,” in which they will assess the current situation and its severity. Students and faculty will assess most risks based on previous occurrences and develop new plans and considerations on the current events.

Dean of Students Rose Ellis, said it is important to be involved in the public meeting in order to understand what is going on.

“You need your community to understand that you’re doing a plan like this so they know that if something is going on, you can alert them to what is happening,” Ellis said.

Francheska Jara, a 20-year-old General Studies major, said she worries how the college would create a safe place.

“Where would I put my stuff? I’m afraid of it getting stolen,” Jara said.

Jara also said she thinks it is a good idea for the college to be used as a safe place in cases of hazardous events.

“I am glad I have a place to go if anything were to happen to my house. It makes me feel like the college cares,” Jara said.

CSCU plans to present a 27 slide powerpoint briefly explaining the hazard plans. There will be room for questions after the presentation. The event was going to be held on Feb. 5, but due to inclement weather, the college was closed. Contact Coordinator of NCC Events Barbara Smith at (203) 857-7286 or to find out when it will be rescheduled.

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