Computers that work please and thank you


Wouldn’t it be great to have equipment that works always, so that we could get all our work done on time? I say yes! Of course computers can’t be perfect and sometimes they’re going to have a problem but lately they’ve really been getting out of control especially the Macs that are used in The Voice’s office.

As a student my schedule is very busy with work and a full-time course schedule it really is just a lot, so when I do my work I would want the computer that I’m working on to be able to save my stuff. I should be able to depend on that computer. For it to simply not work or to shut down or delete my stuff is really just not fair because it just makes it makes me have to do everything all over again! I can’t possibly imagine that the out of the entire college I’m the only person that this has happened to or that feels this way.

To some it might not seem like a big deal but it actually is a really big deal. Of course there’s always the “you know you can save them & back up” and all this other stuff but it’s just really tedious. I should be able to save my work and have it be there when I’m ready to open it again.

In the last two issues of the voice we have been having some technical problems. The pages of the newspaper are worked on and then saved but when ready to be printed all of a sudden they disappear.

As an active member of the voice I can realize the problems and e ect that it has not only for the paper but for the members in the club. We stay after 2 days out of the week which is not a problem but when things start to happen like that it does get to be. Then you have to start rearranging your work schedule and come in to school on days you didn’t have to. For some people school is not everything.  ere are other responsibilities and things that you have to take care of. When you have a schedule time for something but then it runs longer because the computers don’t work it can be a negative outcome. It shouldn’t be that way because it’s not your fault that the equipment isn’t it working properly.

Since things like this have been happening with the computers I also feel like the people that are in charge should really get working on it. If we as students have a problem with the equipment we should be able to go with the IT workers and inform them of what’s been happening and get some type of help. But because you’re a student, it’s like you don’t get paid attention to because you’re not a school authority.

Overall I just wish that these malfunctions would stop happening so we could just get the work ready and handed in on time and up to date with the deadlines that are set.

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