Deadpool is vulgar, macabre and great!


Oh, hello readers of The Voice! Yes, I’m breaking the fourth wall and probably a journalistic rule or two in honor of Deadpool. Why? Because Deadpool came out with a record-breaking film that defied Hollywood and brought out moviegoers’ unbridled naughty side.

You got Ryan Reynolds playing our titular antihero, and his memorizing performance slice its way into our hearts.  The humor was unsanitary, immoral and debauched in every hilarious way possible. I’m refraining from reiterating the jokes, not because it would displease the powers that be, but because I would be ruining the fun of laughing at every gag, punchline and meta-humored jokes.

Speaking of punchlines, this movie packed as many punches as there are of jokes. The movie wasn’t an endless stream destruction where it becomes a disaster-porn (I’m looking at you Man of Steel). The stupendous Action happened when needed, it pushed the plot and it was pleasurable to watch. It was one of the greatest action movies I’ve ever watched because it balanced the action perfectly.

Now, I’ll be honest as I consider us all friends, I’ve been a fan of Deadpool since I was a wee lad. It was fate that I was born in the year that Deadpool was created. I literally grew and matured alongside with the character. This movie was a raunchy and gloriously sick love letter to fans like myself. This movie showcased the Deadpool that I feverously love right down to a certain sexually explicit scene involving a stuffed unicorn.

Weasal and Blind Al were included in the film which I’m grateful due to the fact these side characters were at times, Deadpool’s only friends in the comic. The costume, the slicing and dicing of bodies and the character’s core personality remained intact. The fact that the studio allowed the movie to be rated R just to stay true to the character was fantastic! Lord knows we didn’t need that abomination that appeared in X-Men Origins: Wolverine because seeing that Barakapool was as bad as seeing kittens being fed to alligators.

Maybe I should talk about the X-Men characters that popped up in the film? I suppose, Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead were rad in the film too. Colossus was just there in the X-Men movies and now he’s a fully fleshed out character who more of a gentleman than most millennial men. Warhead was excitingly one of the best characters in the movie because she captured that wonderful sassy attitude that is exhibited by some of the coolest women in my own life.

Bottom line is this: Go see Deadpool, pretty please with some chimichangas on top! As those who have already seen it… see it again and again until we get a sequel!

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