Egyptologist speaks about ancient ruins



Professor of Egyptology Colleen Manassa  from Yale University was the speaker at Norwalk Community College Thursday Nov. 8 Manassa talking about her discovery of Mo’alla a recently found area in Egypt.

Manassa, Director of Undergraduate Studies of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations and Professor of Egyptology at Yale University, traveled to Egypt to find Mo’alla. She and her group were able to find Mo’alla with old documents talking about Mo’alla and the ruined buildings, as well as today’s modern day technology. Manassa talked about the burial chambers with paintings on the walls as well as the empty buildings far away from most sources of water and food.  Manassa gave an presentation on Mo’alla and what they had discovered.

When asked about what she really wants everyone who came to get out of her presentation, Manassa said,

“That there is so much more to discover in Egypt.  Sometimes the most interesting informative sites aren’t visited on your everyday tours.”

Mannassa and her students were only allowed to do ground survey which let her only recover what is on the top soils to about 10cm below ground.  She insisted this would be enough to find a majority of artifacts.  That the ground floor hasn’t changed much.

Student Marilyn Corzo about what she found most interesting about the meeting.

“I found it interesting that Colleen Manassa came to talk about Egyptologist. I like how she was really into her presentation like her slide shows, picture and Google maps.”  Said corozo.

When Ernie Wiegand a teacher and head of the archaeology club was asked about how he felt having Manassa speak at the archaeology club, said

“Oh, she was a terrific speaker.  She was ready and willing to answer questions, to me one the funniest parts of a meeting is the questions and answers.  It’s interesting what everyone thinks.”

When asked what she did you learned about while Manassa was here Wiegand said

“I certainly got more information about Egyptology than I ever knew, I asked about “conical” cups and found it very interesting how even the slaves were buried with them so that they would have the basics in the afterlife.”

When asked about who inspired her or was she her own inspiration said responded

“When I was child and just reading books and learning about other archaeologist and other Egyptologists, it was very inspiring. I went into local museums and really loved learning about ancient cultures”

Manassa brought great knowledge and new information to the archeology club this month.

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