Fairfield county’s Giving Day provides student relief


The college is hosting its fifth annual “Giving Day” on March 10 to raise money for its Student Emergency Fund here on campus.

For “Giving Day, the school opens an  online donation site where students, faculty, friends and families can donate to help students that might be in need of assistance to continue school.

Donations are accepted for only 24 hours. The time window in which people can donate is from 12 a.m. to 11:59 p.m., so that donations can come in whether or not the college is open.

The NCC Foundation is a non-profit organization that is associated with this event.

Terri Nackid, coordinator of scholarship and donor relations at the Foundation, said some funds raised through Giving Day are allocated to the Student Emergency Fund.

Nackid said the program, which aids students at the college, requires an application process, which is screened by the Dean of Student’s office.

The amount a person can receive is also limited to $250 every year, and limits its coverage to utilities that are essential, per the criteria of the application.

According to Nackid, students seeking this aid have to be enrolled at the college, either part-time or full-time, and they need to take at least 6 credits for either Fall or Spring semesters.

Nackid said that this kind of aid is important to keeping a student in school.

“That one thing can make the difference between staying in school or not. The impact is significant,” she said.

Valerie Muller, the director of Volunteer and Community Engagement, said that there is strength in numbers when it comes to this event.

“Most people give because they are asked by a friend or a family member; word of mouth is critical,” she said.

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