Further developments from the set of ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ production


Christine Mangone, director of this year’s spring production of “Little Shop of Horrors,”  has been with the college’s theater department for four years.

Mangone has headed eight productions including the fall Performing Arts Festival and the spring semester’s musical or play.

Last spring, the school did a performance of “Avenue Q,” which required the use of puppets and the command of the actors on the stage.

The theater department hired Brooke Burling to be the set designer this semester and other production work is typically done by students in the program.

As for the budget, there is not a set budget and the show is funded by the NCC Foundation. The Theater Club, Music Club and the Humanities department worked together to get the performance done.

Mangone said the involvement of the NCC Foundation was great and she also said how much fun this years show will be because it involves music and visual appeal.

The students’ approach to the material also contributed to the enjoyable atmosphere of creating the play, according to Mangone.

The auditions and subsequent announcements were given out two weeks ago and the preview will be held April 19 in the PepsiCo Theatre.

The performances will be on April 21 and April 22 in the same location as the preview.

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