Give Last Chance U a Chance


Photo courtesy of Netflix

Netflix has a debuted new show that follows a football team from East Mississippi Community College.  This show gives us an inside look at how sports can work at a community college.  While watching, you’ll get an insight which will lead to the realization that the football department puts sports before academics like a Division I schools would typically do. The show comes off like a real life version of the iconic football film “Friday Night Lights.”

Finding the balance between classes and football is something every athlete has to struggle with, even at the high school level.  For this team, facing their last chance to play football at the national level, a fact some of the players and staff take more seriously than others.

The show shows the highs and lows the team has experienced.  The team has a real chance of holding on to a hard fought for winning streak.  The players are capable of achieving more than they can imagine, something we should all realize about ourselves.

The academic adviser Ms. Wagner is the shows Tami Taylor, going around to all the players to make sure that they are doing well and that they have everything that they need.  It is common sense to bring a pencil and notebook to class, just watch and you’ll see that for these jocks it certainly is not.

Binge watch this show on Netflix, whether you’re a football fan, a “Friday Night Lights” fan, or just a fan of underdog overcoming the odds!

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