Governing for the greater good is not socialism

Every time our government attempts to do something that will actually benefit our citizens, a vast outcry of “socialism” arises from the right. The government they decry is simply an institution for and by the people, made up of elected officials, and put in place for the purpose of organizing our pooled resources to benefit the greater good.
That being said, our pooled resources, meaning our taxes, are meant to be spent on things that serve our citizens.
For example, we spend billions of our tax dollars on ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Wouldn’t you rather have medical care rather than thousands of dead Iraqis?

Every day 122 American citizens die from lack of Health insurance, far greater than the amoun of Americans who

die at the hands of Al-Queda. If “socialized” health care is not important enough for us to invest our tax dollars in then certainly

“socialized” defense spending isn’t either. A public option does not mean “free” health care provided by the government, it is simply

an OPTION that people would be able to buy.

An option that would create compitition and ensure fairness for the people who purchase health insurance. Noone in the senate or

the house is talking about “government run health care”. A public option would force health insurance companies to sell insurance

at a fair rate. That is good for everyone except the multi-millionaire insurance executives.

If only we had embraced the libertarian/republican free market ideal we could finally get rid of those “socialized” roads &

highways or our “socialized” fire and police departments or maybe we could stop caring for our “socialized” National Parks.

Imagine the disaster if we had privatized Social security pensions, like President Bush wanted to before the economy crashed.

Getting services for our tax dollars is not socialism, it’s what has made this country great, throughout history and in the


The fact is that taxes are as sure as death. Every country in the world taxes their citizens, every

government takes their share and most countries don’t give their citizens much in return. If there was no government,

then a local gangster or warlord would take 1/3 of your profit. The real question is what do you want to get for your taxes?

Providing health insurance would not raise our taxes, the government will take as much as it can whether we have health insurance

or not! Total taxes have stayed in the same range for decades. Even when Reagan lowered income tax he had to raise the

Social Security tax to compensate, so in turn he raised taxes on the middle class and gave wealthy people a decrease.

Recently Americans have been learning the hard way that un-regulated capitalism makes a few rich

and does little for the rest of us. We have been hearing about countless bank CEO’s taking millions in bonuses

while people are losing their jobs and their homes, in part because of those same CEOs’

irresponsible (and unregulated) practices.

Capitalism and the entreprenuial spirit it has unleashed has provided a greater standard of living for all

of us, but obviously left unregulated, greediness and risk taking has not served the greater good.

This is the exact kind of situation where the government should step in and place restrictions on the

wild west business mentality that these narcissistic greedsters have! Who, by the way, seem to have a lot in common with those

health insurance executives. It is also a perfect example of how sometimes the government is the only tool capable of reigning

those powerful individual intersts that are detrimental to the common good.

The government is the only tool powerful enough to ensure fairness in society, a government, by the way, that is

there to service and care for it’s citizens. Shouldn’t we let our government do what it was put in place to do,

and that’s to serve the people. Let’s allow our government to offer a public option and take away the monoply that health

insurance companies currently have.

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