Humans of NCC: Lana Pinheiro

Benjamin Gordon

Age 29. 2nd year at NCC. Major: Liberal Arts and Sciences.


Q: How do you deal with difficult situations?


A: “It depends on what kind of situation I’m dealing with. I tend not to panic under stressful situations. I try to figure out what the problem is and the different ways I can try to fix it. I think I am very good at dividing things into steps and then following those steps. That’s how I deal with crises…I think it’s very personal but you have to do what works for you. I had to try a lot of different ones before I found the best method for myself.”


Q: How much do you value education?


A: “Right now my main focus is to do well here at NCC, graduate and then to go on to a four-year university. It’s very hard to get a job with a degree, so imagine how hard it is without one. That’s why I am working so hard to be the best student I can be.”


Photo by Benjamin Gordon

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