Instructions Not Included takes audience for an emotional ride


Once again, a home run for Latinos in America with the success of the movie “Instructions Not Included,” starred and directed by Eugenio Derbez.

It broke box-office records for a Spanish language movie in the United States, with $27 million in only 3 weeks.

At the beginning of the movie Valentin, a ladies man, who lives in Acapulco, Mexico finds out that one of the many girls he’s been having sex with had a baby by him. The girl leaves the baby at Valentin’s door with “no instructions included.”

He decides that the best thing for the baby is to be returned to the mother, but the only information he has is that she lives somewhere in Los Angeles. During his journey to LA, Valentin ends up “crossing the border” which is something that a lot of Latinos can identify with. Most immigrants that come to this country, legally or illegally, have one common denominator, they are looking for a better future.

In this case Valentin is looking for a better future not for himself, but for his child. Upon his arrival in LA he ends up getting hired as a stunt double for a filmmaker in Hollywood. With no instructions included, Valentin takes on the “Daddy Role” and starts raising the baby, Maggie, to the best of his abilities.

This is another way in which Derbez is able to connect with the audience, since in a lot of cases babies aren’t planned and parents take on the responsibility without really knowing how to do it. In a lot of cases, fathers are not there for their kids while they’re growing up, therefore mothers have to take on both roles, but what happens when the mother leaves and the father has to take on both roles? They do the best they can.

And that is exactly what Valentin, a hard working immigrant and father did. Valentin chooses to lie to Maggie and tell her that her mother is “busy saving the world”. Maggie a very smart young girl but is not like most girls at her school. Teachers at her school feel that she lives in a fantasy world and that she is disconnected from reality. She often misses school because Valentin wants to take her to the movie sets.

The father is concerned about finding her mother and one day he receives a call from the mother. That call changed everything for them, it brought the mother and daughter together but all of sudden the Mom wants to take her away from Valentin. This movie is a must see because it has real life scenarios that the audience can relate to. I would recommend this movie for all viewers of any age.

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