Kickstarting the new semester


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By Jeniece Roman

The first annual ‘Kick Start Day’ event to welcome new and returning students took place Tuesday September 10 in the East Campus atrium at Norwalk Community College.

The event informed students of various activities happening within the semester, clubs and services provided on campus and introduced the President and deans of NCC.

Derya Yildirim, President of both Phi Theta Kappa and the Model United Nations Club organized the event. Yildirim said the intention of the event was to introduce the administration and faculty to students.

“It’s very important, I think, that the students know who the president is, [who] the deans are and who the provost is because they’re such an important role here and they are so approachable here,” said Yildirim.

President David Levinson attended the event, welcomed, and talked about getting involved in the NCC community. He spoke to the students about confiding in the faculty and administration.

“You’re not a number here at NCC, you’re a person,” said Levinson, “You are why we are here. We want to know you, we want to understand your ambitions, we want to know if you’re having difficulties.”

Provost Dean of Academic Affairs, Pamela Edington also spoke and compared education to marathon running and faculty and administration as coaches.

“That’s one of the things of getting to know us the deans and administrators, the faculty and staff of the college is that we’re all here to coach you through the educational journey,” said Edington

Mayor of Norwalk Richard A. Moccia and NCC alumnus was the keynote speaker. He regarded NCC as one of the best community colleges in the state and that its reputation is unparalleled.

“Let me just say that in addition to your education as far as courses go. The one good thing that I have found at NCC is the inter relationship between students and staff,” said Moccia.

Yildirim also spoke of the importance of the relationship between students and staff and students not feeling ‘so disconnected from this school’.

“It’s more of an incentive to finish school here [so] they don’t feel so alone especially if they already have friends here from the beginning,” said Yildirim

Students also took part in signing a symbolic graduation agreement; making a promise to graduate from NCC. In return students received five percent off their entire purchase at the NCC book store that will not expire.

School facts, trivia and performances also took place. Student Government, along with various other clubs, spoke about the services and activities that will be held.

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