Life-Changing Panel Discussion Planned

Larry Simpson

Transformational life changing opportunities do not come around every day.  They do not come around every day, but perhaps they do come around twice a year, at a special time known as college registration.

Even for those from whom time is not a luxury, certificate programs can be a gateway to a new life.

A panel discussion entitled “How to Change Your Life In One Year or Less” will take place on Thursday Sept. 22 from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m. in the Pepsi Co. Theater on Norwalk Community College’s East Campus.
The guest moderator will be radio personality Joe Connelly, Bloomberg business anchor for WCBS NewsRadio 880.

Free and open to the public, the event aims to promote NCC’s certificate programs by sharing the stories of five alumni who, in less than a year, acquired certification and skills that made them hot commodities in the local job market.  The event is funded by the Norwalk Community College Foundation.

In a year where everyone is keeping a close watch on unemployment numbers, jobs reports, and where wage stagnation and economic recovery are buzz words, this event will illustrates how success stories happen, even for those not enrolled in Associates Degree Programs.
Success stories that can be emulated by anyone with the will to spend a year of study and training.

The panel will feature graduates of NCC’s phlebotomy, culinary arts, real estate, graphic design, and exercise science programs.  Panelist will bring their boss’s along to give informative testimonials to the impact these graduates are having in the local job market.

“In all my years of moderating events, I’ve never heard of a format like the one we’re going to have,” said Joe Connelly.

He called the opportunity to hear from, and ask questions to this unique panel, “the closest thing to a job interview you can get without actually being on one.”

NCC has 36 different Career Training/Certificate Programs listed on it’s website, in such career tracks as Business, Computers/Information Technology, Health Care, and Public Safety.  These rank amongst the highest in demand career fields in the nation.

“Norwalk was affordable and, as I soon learned, had an amazing design department. I greatly appreciated how much NCC’s design instructors care about their students, and the knowledge and passion that they have for their field. I learned a lot from my fellow students as well – the community at NCC was exactly what I needed,” said Neno.

She is currently employed at the lead designer of a small business in Middletown, CT, and takes on freelance clients as well.  Her work is showcased on her website

Connelly has been a business reporter for over 20 years, something that as a sports writer, he never quite expected to do until the opportunity presented itself.  He aims to present information and advice for people who want more financial freedom.

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