Medical services unavailable on campus


To date, there are no medical services located on campus for students and staff.

According to Dean of Administration Rose Ellis, if there’s a medical situation on campus 911 has to be called to send EMS and police to assess the situation. Ellis also said the only times they’ve been able to get immediate help is when there are nursing instructors around to help out until paramedics arrive.

“There should be [a nurse] because if there’s an emergency that someone needs attention quickly there should be someone on the spot or near that can help out,” said student Sara Bender.

Ellis also stated that in the past they’ve had students cut themselves in the culinary arts kitchen and that there was little that could be done for them on campus.

“The president is very interested in getting a nurse on campus. It would be easier than having to dial 911 for lesser emergencies like bloody noses,” said Ellis.

According to Ellis, there have also been students fainting on campus lately. She said this seems to be a new problem, at least since she’s been a Dean here. Student Molly Foulds is one of the students with such a problem.

Foulds suffers from POTS [Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome] which means her body can’t adjust to gravitational changes. Foulds said she thinks the school handles it as well as they can because it’s a difficult condition to work with. She can be unconscious anywhere from a couple seconds to a couple minutes.

According to Foulds she would also prefer that the school not call 911 every time she faints and that she doesn’t feel in danger because there isn’t a nurse on campus. Ellis says if a student makes the school aware of their medical condition they will do their best to accommodate them.

“Sometimes the guards will check my pulse and if it’s racing and it makes them uncomfortably they’ll call [911] right away,” said Foulds.

Foulds also said that each semester she has to give the school he schedule so they always know where she is.

“Yes I’d feel more safe with a nurse at school, there’s always a nurse at school,” said student Angel Ciufo.

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