Mock interviews help graduates pass simulation tests in the real world


On Sept. 30, five graduates from the Norwalk Community College nursing program came back to talk about their experience.

The graduates mentioned it was hard, rigorous labor that made them well prepared for their jobs.

The nursing program is very popular at the college. Most students who have taken advantage of this program have a lot of positive reviews.

One of the graduates at the talk mentioned he found mock interviews, where student’s skills are put to the test in a simulated hospital setting to be helpful. Last year, Xerox Corporation held a class to help prepare students for the mock interviews.

Hospitals hire graduates with an Associate’s Degree if they have at least two years experience or a Bachelor’s Degree. Long-term care, such as working at a nursing home, requires an Associate’s Degree with no experience necessary.

Norwalk Community College does not have a bachelor degree program, but they have articulations with other colleges. A student can take credits at NCC and be enrolled at four-year college.

This semester Western Connecticut University began o ering certain courses at NCC. Faculty comes down to NCC in an effort to save local students a drive to Danbury.Western Connecticut State University takes credits from the first two years of college and transfers them to their program for students to continue their studies for a Bachelor’s Degree.

Hospital Simulation Lab in H107 set up to practice hospital protocol for a woman in labor.

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