NCC Ranks High on National List


WalletHub recently ranked Norwalk Community College 205 out of 821 on its “2016’s Best & Worst Community Colleges” list.  They also ranked NCC third in student Career Outcomes and placed second nationwide on Lowest Student Default rate.

WalletHub analyst broke down each school by evaluating them on cost and financing, education outcomes and career outcomes. They used a 12-key-metrics grading system with a 100-point scale, with a score of 100 being perfect. They evaluated the community colleges into three categories; Cost and Financing, Educational Outcomes, and Career Outcomes.

In the category of Cost and Financing, the maximum total points a school could reach for is 33.33. This category was broken down in multiple sections. Cost of In-State tuition and fees, availability in grants, cost per student, school spending and faculty salary.

The highest total score for Educational Outcomes turns out to be 33.33 as well. It encounters first-year retention rate, graduation rate, transfer-out rate, credentials awarded per 100 full time equivalent students, student-faculty ratio.

The Career Outcome adds up to 33.33 as a category. NCC was being grading on the return on educational investment and student loan default rate.

On the Wallethub website there’s a panel of education experts that give suggestions on what community colleges can do improve their schools and scores.

A few of the experts are professors of economics at Brooklyn College, Harvard Graduate School of Education, Drexel University and Associate Director of Education and Employment Research Center at the School of Management.

The panel suggested that community colleges should have equal services for all ages, ethnicities, genders, and sexual orientations. Also it was mentioned that communication skills are of great importance for students in the workforce is important.

In terms of cost and financing rank, Norwalk Community College is 605. For our educational outcome we turned out to be 625 on the list. NCC’s total score as a community college was 49.88.

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