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By Maggie Conroy

The school has finally updated their website.  I am one of the many people who are very glad to see the school updating its image. Before we had this new modernized website I remember always going on and thinking how blasé the old site was.

“It’s not a whole new website it’s just a new design”, said Madeline K. Barillo, Director of Marketing and public relations at the school and one of the many people who work on the school website.

Let’s face it: the color on the last website was dreary.  I was totally uninterested in going on the site unless I had to. While the format looks familiar to the old website, I feel like the menus are more direct. For example the news menu gives you course offerings, where before you had to go through page after page to find what courses are offered.

I remember my high school years, looking through college after college, the first thing I would look at is their website. It didn’t matter if the schools were well known or unnamed colleges. I will admit I did judge these colleges on their website. If the website wasn’t’ outdated or didn’t make me recall the college later, I became unimpressed with the college.  Bright colors and different pictures from around the school catch my attention.

“It’s interesting and fun. It makes me want to visit it instead of just skipping it,” said student Shelly Ryiz.

I found that details and colors seem to make the websites pop and interesting. This leads to kids wondering if the colors on the website are our school colors. Many people I talked to didn’t even know we have school colors.

Later I found out that our school colors are in fact navy blue and bus yellow.  You can see that yellow has been used in most of the past websites, which I learned from Barrillo.

Barillo stated that the school cooperated with students, facility, and staff the new site. They also workd with an outside company as well called Hearst Media Services.

According to Barillo the site is redone every 3 to 4 years and that they will eventually have a mobile app so that you can access it easier on your phone.

I was interested if anyone had anything else to say about the website. The feedback I received was not too good.

“I think it’s too cluttered, the menu needs to be more defined,” stated student Ben Clements.

While this is true, there’s another major issue: one of the most over used photos is of the Pitney Bowes Wellness Center.  Many people are interested in seeing other parts of the campus, myself included.

“I don’t like it; I like the other [website] better. They only show the nursing department. I want to see other departments,” said student Michelle Morris.

I personally like the new website but others think it could use improvements.

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