New Club on Campus: Women in STEM


This Fall a new club will be at Norwalk Community College.

Women in STEM is the new club at the school that will work to foster “the ambition […] of female students majoring in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics,” said Sarah Joseph who is the founder.

Ms. Joseph is starting her second year at Norwalk Community College with a declared major in Mathematics and Science. She is the current Vice-President of Administrative Affairs at Norwalk Community College Student Government Association.

The club will particularly aim at reaching out to women. However, “men are free to join, but they are probably not going to have the same benefits as women are,” said Lydia Gjuraj the president of Women in STEM.

It will offer college tour events to its members, welcome motivational speakers, work on research projects, etc. The intent will be to present those projects to neighboring high schools, said the president.

Ms. Gjuraj is an Engineering Science major and has been attending NCC for three years.

So far about twenty students have signed up to join, she said.

Lexi Andros, the current President of the Norwalk Community College Student Government Association, joined Women in STEM.

Ms. Andros, also an Engineering Science major, wants “to support women in becoming active members of the math and science society.” One of her goals is to work with the members so NCC becomes reliant on a renewable energy source.

The club advisor is Jonathan McMenamin-Balano, professor of Biology at Norwalk Community College.

Women in STEM will meet on Thursdays at 2:30 p.m. and will also be at the Club Fair on September 15th.

More information on the club, such as the room number for the club meetings, will be given at the event.

Ms. Joseph hopes that Women in STEM will “emerge into an instituted program where students are rendered exclusive scholarship opportunities […].”

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