North East Seasonal Survival Guide: How not to wallow in despair this winter


As we reach February and still have roughly six weeks of winter to go, many of the North Eastern people among us need to be ready for chillier days to come. Do not let the grass that is rising through the snow today fool you, try to follow this guide to better prepare yourself for the wintery filled days we have to face until spring arrives.

Staying warm would be your first step. Before leaving your home, please for the love of everything, bundle up! Thermal socks, layers of clothes and undershirts, jackets, and thicker pants would be recommended. Common sense might tell you that this is key to keeping you warmer, but the science behind it is to actually fill the space between your body and your jacket for insulation. Wearing a hat is also highly advised, more heat is lost through your head than any other part of your body according to

Spreading rock salt on your steps, walkways, and driveways is important. The salt melts all ice in an efficient and timely manner, and spreading it before any precipitation hits is a good way to not let any snow or water settle at all, as it prevents any ice from forming. This way you can prevent injuring yourself by  falling, or worse, embarrassingly falling and getting soaking wet and pissed off. Seriously, slipping on ice is no joke, so please salt the places you walk.

Stock up on plenty of food and water if you know a winter storm is approaching. Proteins and warmer edibles like soup and tea ar e recommended by Getting to the grocery store the sooner the better is your best bet for essentials to not be sold out as people around here tend to freak out and fill shopping carts extremely quickly. Although snow storms are things that should be taken seriously, lots of Fairfield County residents need a reminder that blizzards and apocalypses do not call for replicated preparation.

Possibly the most important advice in this guide is to surround yourself with people and things that you would find pleasure in being trapped indoors with. Think of that friend or family member that really knows how to get on your nerves quickly. Now think of being in the same room with just you and them for a couple hours. Now think about being snowed in your home with them for days, playing Monopoly with candles as your only light source and they are winning and will not stop talking about it. Yeah, that would really suck. I recommend funny and light hearted people, and maybe Cards against Humanity or other suitable games.

What have we learned? Hopefully a few things. Dress warmly? Check. Salt where you walk? Check. Food and water? If you can beat the traffic. Surrounding yourself with good people and activities? I really truly hope so. Do not take this guide for granted, use it. Happy rest of the winter!

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