Official student emails have arrived

By James Marchese

Student Sean Dirat refuses to set up the new account but he’s not the only one, student Molly Foulds also said she does not plan on setting up her student email. Dirat says he has not set up his new email and doesn’t plan on it. His personal email is already professional, consists of only his name and is what he prefers to use.

“You make your own email, it doesn’t make sense. Nobody uses email for the school anymore,” said Dirat.

According to Dean of Administration Rose Ellis, the student emails were created to help staff and faculty contact students for registration, activities, events, financial aid, graduation and anything going on here at school. It should also help alleviate the work of professors, now they will not have to collect students personal contact information.

Ellis, who is also head of the IT department here, says the school has very little to do with the new emailing system. Wendy Chang, Chief Information Officer for the Conn. Community College system was tasked with setting up the new accounts by the college presidents and Board of Regents.

Chang chose a product called Microsoft 365 to use  for   the  new  system. Microsoft also houses and maintains the servers leaving very little in the way of responsibility for the schools independent IT departments. IT can’t work or manipulate anything with the new product.

“The system office selected a vendor and product but did not come to talk with administration about how it would be implemented,” said Ellis.

Setting up the new accounts are not easy either, there had to be a video uploaded to YouTube to help students with the sign up process as well. Student Julia Gray said she needed the help of her mother to figure out how to forward the emails to her current address.

“We’ve put people out to walkthrough the sign up with students. In the past week I have not heard any problems,” said Ellis.

The new student emails which Ellis says were to be mandatory as of Jan. 1st, 2013 have been in the works for many years. Professor Lori Soderlind, coordinator of Communication Arts, says she is on board with the new email addresses.

Soderlind still receives emails from the colleges she attended on her student email. She is looking forward to having an easy way to stay in communication with the alumni that graduate with a degree from her department and students she has had in class.“We have wanted these for the longest time and it’s good we have something. The main issue was students register email addresses with the school they don’t use or check,” said Soderlind.

Some of the students that have gone ahead and set up their accounts are still not so happy about it. It’s not just the difficulty they encountered when registering their account but the overall nuisance of the whole idea.

“It’s just another email to check. It’s obnoxious,” said student Regina Perry.

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