Owners need more passion


For a while now, all I have been seeing on my Facebook newsfeed are posts showing dogs and cats being surrendered to shelters. Many times those shelters are high-kill shelters.

To read the background stories of these innocent animals breaks my heart, especially since the holidays are upon us. Most of these four-legged animals don’t stand a chance of surviving the shelters.

Most of the animals that I see on my newsfeed are considered to be “dangerous” breeds like pit bulls. According to the National Council of Pet Population Study & Policy, the top 10 reasons why people surrender their pets is the following: moving, landlord issues, cost of pet maintenance, no time for pet, inadequate facilities, too many pets, pet illness, personal problems, biting and allergies. The number one breed that is surrendered to shelters are pit bulls.

I can understand if an owner moves into a home and their landlord says that they cannot have a pet living there, I have found myself in that position before, but there are other ways to avoid that problem.

One way to fix that problem is  nding another home for that pet, whether it’s a family member, neighbor, etc. before its too late. Another way to  x the problem is if someone does have to give their pet up, they should surrender them to a no-kill shelter. To find a no-kill shelter one can Google no-kill shelters in the area they live in.

Some people think that when they surrender their animal to a shelter, that the pet will be adopted, and many times, that is not the case. If the shelter is a kill shelter, there is a great chance that the animal will be euthanized.

A lot of kill shelters euthanize animals the day they are brought in by their owners or the next day, because at these shelters, there is simply no room.

People need to know that it is not the shelters fault that they are euthanizing these animals; it’s the owners. These shelters do the best they can to get these animals out of there.  ere are videos on YouTube that show owners surrendering their “beloved” animals saying that it’s fine if their pets are killed. This disgusts me.

Owners need to think rationally. If you have children, would you surrender them to a shelter and leave them there to die? People say that their pets are their children, so the question is would you want your child to be cold and left alone in a small cage?

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