Phish is phantastic


Phish is probably a group of the phour (see what I did there?) best musicians I have ever heard. Their lyrics are amazing, even when they don’t make sense. The improv sections in their songs are always captivating and crazy. The way you feel the love emanating through them and their instruments into the crowd as they play coupled with the intense light show during a concert is spellbinding.

Speaking of the concerts, every time I attend I feel like I’m surrounded by 20,000+ of my closest phriends. Everyone is carrying on, dancing, hooting and hollering. If you don’t like debauchery then it may not be your place, but I choose to enjoy my life to the phullest.

I can’t think of a better time than being surrounded by a bunch of phriends that aren’t there to judge, they’re just there to relax and soak up the good tunes, like me. There’s no better way I know of to spend my time. It’s bliss to watch a group of the wackiest, but most light-hearted musicians I know of do what they do best as I dance the night away. Phish creates a place where I can really let my inhibitions go and pheel more phree than usual.

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