SGA fills leadership position despite its challenges


The college’s Student Government Association recently held elections for the position of Vice President of Administrative Affairs, which was won by Sarah Joseph.

Ultimately, the election occurred during the Club Fair on February 17th. The Director of Student Activities, Javon Noblin, who advises the SGA spoke about the association being in the stages of rebuilding itself and would face roadblocks if any key position was vacant.

The impromptu election was unusual due to the SGA normally holding elections for vacant positions in the Fall Semesters. The position was vacated simply because the previous Vice President of Administrative Affairs, Ben Engel, is no longer a student at the college.

There were internal discussions as to whether to proceed with leaving the position vacant or to hold an election at the last minute due to concerns of the association being setback due to the vacancy.

“The SGA voted to have an election because they didn’t want to leave the position unfilled because they’re in the process of rebuilding and they really do need all of the executive board positions filled,” Noblin said.

State holidays, snow days and only having two or three meetings since the start of the semester had made this election a challenge to get done.

The original day for the election was postponed due to a snow day. Getting word out on such short notice risked student turn-out being poor.

Luckily, the Club Fair salvaged the election. According to Isabel Cardona the SGA President said the election was held during the club fair which was a blessing in disguised as it allowed students to get involved.

“We couldn’t do it because of the snow. Actually, it turned out to be better to have the elections right here at the club fair because more people will attend and the speeches can be for the NCC population,” Cardona said.

The SGA was serving ice cream as the students cast their votes. Different ice cream topping was available to students the table. The candidates had ten minutes to express why they would be a suitable Vice President of Administrative Affairs, their platform for progress and what they hope to achieve if elected.

Noblin and Cardona were the ones who counted votes to ensure everything is up to par and unbiased. Sarah Joseph won by only three votes in what was a close election.

Joseph is only on her second semester and already has already is driven to have a strong voice of and for the NCC student body. Not a month has passed and already has envisioned big things in her new role.

Joseph said,  “I definitely want to see new implementations as far as Student Activities and student involvement. I see the Student Government having a very prosperous semester.”

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