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The Wellness center’s mission is to keep a healthy campus community, especially after the hurricane sandy. Many were left without power and water. Showers at our college’s wellness center, located in the lower level of the west campus, were only available for people affiliated with Norwalk Community College.


Paul M. Gallo, director of exercise science at the wellness center, explained that due to liability issues, the wellness center is not able to allow the public to take showers in our facilities. The wellness center “accommodates anybody, who is a NCC student, life time learner, or faculty and staff at NCC.”


So for now, the general population is being sent to other local fitness centers, which opened their amenities to the public, to help recover from hurricane sandy.


The wellness center’s mission is holistic, general wellness and they are committed to healthy life styles. Since the hurricane, the wellness center now commits to creating and maintaining “a healthy campus community,” said Gallo.


Being able to use the college’s wellness center facility, especially taking warm showers, benefits our college community. Students, faculty, and staff are able to be in a warm and dry environment, charging their cellular phones, laptops, as well as other devices.


Furthermore they are “able to get a quick workout before showering,” said Gallo. Students, like Mildred Velez and Lizbeth Zepeda, who lost power due to the hurricane, took advantage of the wellness center and “used the school facilities to study, to shower, and to charge electronics.” However they report that the majority of people just went for a workout.

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