Siri can you please…?


There’s no doubt that technology has really held up its end. Day by day, our society is advancing with more futuristic ideas. However, I think our brains are getting left behind in the process.

We have the world at our  ngertips, but really how informed are we? Maybe we’re just informed about our surroundings.

In this past election for governor, I overheard comments in the hall, and based off conversations with my friends, many people had no clue what was going on. I think this is a rising problem and us as a generation should really work on being informed.

This is the future of our country, so why don’t we show a little bit more interest in politics, instead of focusing on the last three Kardashian birthday celebrations. The government wants us to be dumb and it’s our job to fight back. We have to prove that we do know what is happening and that we care about the social and economical issues being passed down to us.

I personally blame social media a lot. Facebook not as much, but Instagram and Twitter are really ruling us. There’s a constant need to stop what we’re doing and scroll down our feeds. I spend hours at a time just looking at the same nonsense on my screen. I think to myself that nothing will break my concentration, but if I try to sit and read something, in 10 minutes I’m back on my phone. It’s almost as if your brain needs a break from learning. We like to entertain ourselves with things that don’t require us to think. Television and social media do not ask us to think. All we’re asked to do is to sit on the couch and turn it on or to slide down the screen endlessly.

Now a very small amount of students go to libraries and look through books for answers. We see that as too much work. We just Google it because Google has all the answers we could ever possibly need. Our smart phones are making us stray away from traditional learning skills because now it’s all in our hands.

As a generation, we should really make an effort to not let our phones control us. We should be able to know when it is appropriate to be on your phone and when it is not. At the dinner table or in the hallways, there should be actual conversations and not a group of students sitting together and looking down at their phone. If not sooner than later, we will even forget the basis of having a actual conversation; we’ll only know how to type to each other.

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