State your fashion: Sergio Parra


A man that wears a dress shirt is expected to wear dress shoes. It is a rule of society that has been followed for years in the fashion world and usually shows his good sense of style. However, NCC student, Sergio Parra who is 19 years old and a Business Administration major, is one of the daring guys out there willing to go against the tradition and rock some sneakers with his formal attire. Parra wears his outfit with confidence and that is a very important element of knowing how to dress.

“I chose my outfit mainly because I felt like dressing up, put on a nice dress shirt some chinos and some comfortable sneakers. What I wear depends on how I’m feeling. Today I was feeling happy,” Parra said.

Parra is wearing a striped dress shirt, a pair of Chinos (trousers made with chino cloth) and a pair of sporty sneakers.


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