State your fashion: Tyler Telesco


Some students at NCC do not consider themselves to be fashion fans. However, they find a way to represent what defines them as people, and their interests, through what they choose to wear. That is the case of Tyler Telesco, a 19-year-old Journalism major.

Telesco is a music lover and his rocker style suites him so well that it’s as if his outfits are deliberate. He added the bandana which gives his peculiar look the final touch that makes him stand out in a crowd.

“My outfit is similar to what I usually wear, just a band shirt with jeans and sometimes a head accessory, most of the time a hair accessory and it’s just convenient and it works for me. I am a big music fan, I am a musician. I’m a big metal guy as well as into other music,” Telesco said.


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