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Kimberly Solis FAshion Statement


Kimberly Solis

The Walking Canvas

From the stripes to the color coordination to the bedazzled boots, Kimberly Solis, 24-year-old Graphic Design major, is all

about creativity and composition. Talking about her keen eye she says that she is passionate about ‘creating’ things in general. And when it comes to fashion she likes to mix and match to see how it looks on her petite figure. Experimenting is a big aspect of Kimberly’s fashion, she says, “I put it all together to create something new and see how it looks. I like experimenting with colors and patterns, like these stripes I am wearing.” Kimberly is also a fan of DIY when it comes to

clothing where her eye for creativity comes into action.

Speaking of taking inspiration from famous figure, she says, “I don’t really dive into the whole celebrity thing but once in awhile I pick an outfit and try to envision myself in it and see if it will suit me. Like I don’t want to look awkward in

something which is great fashion wise but not comfort wise.”

Hillary Rodriguez 

All About The Bling

Matching her printed t-shirt with a jacket of a darker shades, Hillary likes to live dangerously! For 19-year-old Hillary, fashion doesn’t mean just clothes, it is the complete look that makes a statement. Her fashion sense is perky and lively, which is evident in her choice of colors and prints. When it comes to accessories, she is all about bling and making a statement. Her glitzy necklace is her favorite piece of jewelry. Talking about how her mood dominates her fashion, she says some days she wants to make a statement and get noticed, other days she just likes to go light and be a plain Jane. “It is all about balance “she says. She goes on to explain how her hairstyle plays a major role in her overall look and is a big factor in deciding how to accessories. For example, when she has her hair pulled back she likes to wear big earrings. Hillary likes to define her personality with her fashion sense which screams bubbly and chirpy!


Kimberly Arazo 

The Passion of the Dress

Kimberly, who started her first semester with NCC this fall is an ardent fan of dresses and skirts. She is passionate about dresses to a point where she cannot recall the last time she wore a pair of pants. Talking about her fashion, Kimberly states, “I feel most comfortable in this, because this is who I am.” Her attire reflects eccentricity and edginess. Talking about her jacket Kimberly says, “This is my favorite jacket, I pair it up with everything and you can see me carrying it around everywhere. I just love it.” Speaking about her fashion inspiration, Kimberly says she gets drawn towards famous makeup artist Jaclyn Hill. Due to Hill’s bubbly and girly personality and great taste in fashion, Kimberly says she relates to her the most.


Sean Lam 

Lil Bro Dressed Me

18-year-old Sean Lam takes inspiration from a very close and reliable source, his younger brother. A Business administration major says his busy schedule doesn’t allow him to put a lot of time in dressing up. Therefore, he started mirroring his younger brother’s dressing sense to stay updated with the latest trends. Talking about his brother, Sean says, “My brother inspires me a lot, even in fashion. He dresses very well, so I try to copy him.” When it comes to comfort vs. trend, Sean prefers being comfortable in his attire rather than dressing up in something uncomfy. Talking about following famous fashion figures, Sean states, “I don’t feel that I have to follow anyone when I am dressing up. I wear what I feel good and confidant in. If I am comfortable with it, I’ll wear it.”

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