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Student Government is speaking to a number of local business in an attempt to offer students discounts when making purchases using their student ID’s.

Since the beginning of the semester, Student Government has called several Norwalk businesses such as the Maritime Aquarium and Piazza Pizza. They discussed with them the possibilities of discounting their products to students of the school. According to Student Activities Director Adrienne Conley, most responses have been positive but not all businesses contacted have confirmed their cooperation.

“There was a lot of interest, they just want more details,” said Conley.

While many businesses are still up in the air, some have confirmed their deals and already offer discounts such as American Apparel and DaVincis Pizza. One of the problems Conley and the Student Government faces is getting the information to the student body.

“We haven’t been advertising that we have an NCC student ID discount program. We’ve been saying we’re working on it. The students are reaching out now. They’ll continue working on it in the summer, and we’ll be able to have something in place by the fall,” said Conley.

Conley also stated that one of their goals is to update the school’s website with an official list of participating locations in order to make students aware that discounts are available to them.

Additionally, Student Government would like to create a decal that can be placed in the windows of business that support student discounts, though none have been made at this time. Advertising for the businesses that support the discounts will also be put up around the school, in the hopes that students will frequent those locations more often.

The discount rate is determined by the business owners themselves. The letter that the Student Government sends to each location includes a number of boxes to check off from five to 20 percent. If the business wishes, they can offer any sort of deal they would like such as a buy one get one free deal on certain products.

Student Government Treasurer Manav Puri has been in charge of managing the effort. Puri stated that roughly 30 companies had been contacted so far, most responding positively to the idea. He emphasized that the businesses would benefit from a deal.

“If they did join, we would give them free marketing,” said Puri,

Puri has held several telethons with student government over the course of the semester. He stated that different calling lists are distributed between members at each meeting with a number of different businesses to be contacted. The members have made these telethons three times this semester, with more planned.

Many students would like discounts at local businesses  but the locations in question differ depending on the student. Some, such as Rachel Madej would like discounts at stores that pertain to her major.

“All of us in the interior design class are always going to Jerry’s Artarama for supplies. A discount would really help us out,” said Madej.

Student Ceaser Escudero stated he would prefer discounts at more general stores that fit a larger amount of needs, such as Wal-Mart or Target.

“A lot of people live on their own. It gives them options and help as a student,” said Escudero.

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