Student Spotlight: Gamal Osman

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Gamal Osman is an architectural engineering major and has made several notable personal achievements. Osman came to the US approximately four years ago and has been a part of the community ever since.  Through many struggles, Osman has become a stand out student.

Currently, Osman acts as one of the two tutors to architecture majors as well as being the president of the Green Architecture Club.  With an outgoing personality and a genuine desire to help others, Osman has managed to establish himself as a valuable asset to architecture majors and teachers alike. Prior to what he has become today, Osman faced many challenges.

The first wall that opposed Osman was learning English.  Osman expressed that he was glad that he passed English as a Second Language (ESL) since he took note of a great deal of students that would no longer pursue completion of the course.  When he came from his home of Cairo, Egypt, he was placed in ESL classes.

“I was in classes with people literally just learning their abc’s,” said Osman.  After completing other basic courses Osman was able to transition into his goal of being an Architectural Engineering major.  Part of Osman’s interest in architectre was spiked by David Maister.

“‘If something turns you on you will be good at it, if it doesn’t you won’t,’” said Osman.

“This is exactly what architecture does for me,” said Osman. He continued to say he really liked geometry in school and preferred in over other subjects.  He said how he didn’t like some other subjects such as history; however his attention would always be there when such subjects referenced buildings and architecture of that time.

“The first thing that I liked when I came to NCC was actually the tutoring center,” stated Osman.

Osman began to utilize the various offered facilities.  He later said that he really enjoyed the variety of things that NCC offered to him.  With support from faculty Osman was able to make a difficult situation just a bit easier.  Osman had nothing but good things to say when it came to the teachers and staff.

“They are very available and they know what they are talking about.  They are good at what they do,” said Osman.

Just like Osman some of his current and former teachers had only words of praise.  Edmond Yalda, professor of architechual engineering techonology, was amongst those that was quick to give encouraging words about Osman.

“He doesn’t shy away from any assignment,” said Yalda.

Osman quickly established a firm presence within the community.  In only his second semester, he became the Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) tutor.  In his third semester he was able to begin teaching Revit, another computer program for architecture majors, while taking the class.  Osman will become a certified tutor after only a few more hours of service.

In his first semester of joining, Osman was just any ordinary member.  Osman became the vice-president in his second semester just before becoming the club’s president last semester.  When he was running for president of the Green Architecture club, there were two other students who had also been running for the same position.  Osman believes that he had better plans for the club and communication made the difference and allowed him to become president.  Due to his tutoring position and time spent in the school’s labs, people knew Osman and how he was both helpful to other students and good at what he does.

As president of the Green Architecture club, Osman has several different goals that he wants to accomplish.  Regrettably, most of the members in this small group have been busy and unable able to meet as often as he would have liked.  Nevertheless, Osman hopes that those in the club could begin to learn to utilize more advanced functions in both CAD and Revit that aren’t offered in class.  He also wanted to note that security has often told him that architecture majors are the only ones that consistently have students in the building when it is open.  Osman himself can attest to that statement as he has spent many nights in the architecture labs till he was kicked out due to the school closing time had arrived.  On this note, he is hoping that students will be able to use the labs later into Saturday nights.  He stated that even though the buildings close early to the community, security is still stationed both inside and outside the school continuing supervision.  Due to the consistent supervision, he would like to see that the buildings labs would remain open for students that need to utilize the facility.

Now, Osman is looking forward to graduation in the spring and transferring to another college.  Unfortunately, not many schools in this area are equipped with architectural engineering as a major.  With his time spent here, Osman seems confident that he’ll be prepared to do well at other schools.

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