Style Wars: the college’s fashion show awakens


On March 8, the second round of tryouts for the college’s fashion show were held in room W201.

The fashion show was created by the Fashion Club with collaborators from the Dance Club.

Jon Kalema, a 20-year-old Business Administration major and president of the Fashion Club, said the turnout of the Fashion Show was astounding.

“I was expecting ten people. We had around twenty people the first day and then the second day was close to 50,” Kalema said.

Kalema said that the turnout was encouraging, and a deciding factor in keeping the show active.

“It shows interest, which is good,” Kalema said.

Toni Saunders, a 19­year-old Criminal Justice major, is the vice president of the Fashion Club.

Saunders said she thinks the most important part of this event was for students to be noticed without being discriminated against.

“You don’t have to have a ‘certain something.’ [The fashion show] is for everybody to come and have fun. This is something new,” Sanders said.

Saunders also said she has worries that students do not spend enough time getting involved with the college community.

Because of this, she said that one of the goals of the fashion show, and the Fashion Club, was to get students to stay on campus more.

“We try to bring people together and try to unite them,” Sanders said.

Simone Lewis, a 20-year-old General Studies major, said that while auditioning for the fashion show there was a good mix of experienced people and inexperienced people.

Lewis said, “There are a lot of people who are new to it and there are people who know what they’re doing.”

Lewis also said that the fashion show was an opportunity for students who normally wouldn’t interact with one another to share a common experience.

Lewis said, “It’s really a good experience to see different walks of life come together and start this new fashion show.”

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