That’s so 2,000 years ago


The Catholic church remains the parent who you will never be good enough for. Save the piano lessons and perfect grades because you’re going to end up with an inferiority complex no matter what.

The synod meeting, spanning Oct. 5 to Oct. 19, culminated with the sentiment that tradition trumps progression. Pope Francis urged the attendees to discuss issues such as birth control, marriage, divorce, and homosexuality with the prospects of reforming how the Catholic church handles them. Despite his efforts, the draft written by his appointee, Monsignor Bruno Forte, did not achieve the two-thirds majority needed to be passed. The 118-62 vote preserved the sacred tradition of excluding as many groups of people as possible under the guise of morality.

“Homosexuals have gifts and qualities to offer to the Christian community,” Forte had stated in the relatio post disceptationem draft.

Pope Francis smiling to the crowd at the event in the Vatican.

Although the paragraph in which Forte had said this was not approved, at least there is some distancing from the previous referral to homosexuality as “intrinsically disordered”.

Two other paragraphs had not received approval from the nearly two hundred bishops, cardinals, and priests who had gathered in the Vatican city for the synod meeting. The paragraphs discussed whether remarried and divorced Catholics should be able to receive communion without an annulment.

The draft aimed to be more welcoming to the gay community while also reinforcing that marriage is still only between a man and a woman. It is like telling somebody they can sit with you, but you ignore their presence at your table.

The Bible isn’t an all you can eat buffet; you can’t pick what you want and disregard the rest. I’m not aware of anyone condemning those who eat figs or own leather possessions to the all consuming depths of Hell, yet the Bible forbids it.

It is time for the Catholic church to catch up because their excluding and outdated way of thinking harms themselves as well as the groups they attack. They seek to increase the influence of catholicism, but their doctrine undermines the value and livelihood of potential converts. No one is going to be convinced to partake in a religion which believes who you fundamentally are is wrong.

The Catholic church, a 2,000 year old institution that still derives its beliefs from 2,000 year old viewpoints. You can’t choose your parents and you can’t choose your sexuality, but you can choose to live in 2014.

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