The Clash: Which Lesser of Evil is Best for America?



Illustrations by Chris Ware

As we get into the final weeks of the 2016 Presidential Election we have Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump. Many people find Donald Trump unfit for the office of the presidency because of his views and what he plans to do for the country, and at least their misconceptions of what he’s going to do.

Many people believe that Donald Trump is a racist. He is not. He wants to stop illegal immigrants from coming into this country illegally. Being an illegal immigrant is not a race.

He uses poor choices of words, but that does not make him a racist. Everyone uses a poor choice of words. Trump has also received endorsements from Muslim people. For example, he received support from Muslim businessman Farouk Shami. In recent months, he has not said he will ban all Muslims.

According to Breibart News, “between 2008 and 2014, 40% of all murder convictions in Florida were criminal aliens” (illegal immigrants with a criminal background). “In New York it was 34% and Arizona 17.8%,” according to the same article.

The build-a-Wall Speech comes from someone who wants to protect the citizens. In 2006, when Hilary Clinton was still a Senator from New York, she voted on a bill to authorize 700 miles of fencing along the Mexico-U.S border, according to PoltiFact. You can’t say that Donald Trump is the only one who wants some protecting.

Many people believe that Donald Trump is sexist; he is not.According to Michael Cohen, the general counsel at the Trump Organization, “there are more female executives at the Trump Organization then there are male. And women who are similarly situated in positions similar to that of their male counterparts are paid more.” Many of the comments that Trump has made have been twisted by the media so that they appears to be sexist.

Many people believe that Trump is a jerk or a bully. He is not a bully or jerk. It’s just that he doesn’t use political correctness to say what he means. Politically correct speech only became a thing on college campus a few decades ago. President Obama has been using politically correct terms in his speeches when more direct speech is needed, for example, when he talk about ISIS.

Trump doesn’t advocate violence either. Much of the violence at the Trump rallies has been caused by the anti-Trump protesters.

Many believe that Trump is not a good businessman and is unfit to be president. Many people believe this because some of Trump’s buildings have filed for Chapter 11. But Trump has not filed for personal bankruptcy. There is a big difference between the two. According to PoltiFact, Chapter 11 allows businesses to restructure businesses without shutting them down.



Illustrations by Chris Ware

The election is the hot topic of the year. For many the clash between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump comes down to a vote for the lesser of two evils. The clear choice in this election should be Clinton, not because Trump says mean things or anything he does, but because what he plans to do isn’t as thought out as what Clinton will do.

Trump plans on banning refugees from entering the U.S in order to prevent terrorist attacks. This is an idea that could help the safety of our country, but it is extreme because there will no longer be help for many refugees who actually need it. Clinton wants to help around 65,000 Syrian refugees, which is better than helping no one and is way less than Trump claimed she wanted. He claimed that she wanted to help about 500% more refugees than her plan calls for.

This actually brings up another issue with Trump as president. He has a tendency to make up statistics and exaggerate on current issues. Trump also opposes marriage equality so that means all the hard work in legalizing same-sex marriage might be for nothing. Trump say he will make America great again, but he plans to achieve this by recreating the past, which has failed.

Clinton seeks to help our country through our drug epidemic, which is an issue especially here in Connecticut. She plans to do so by focusing on improving prevention and treatment, allocating funds to first responders and prescribers, and through criminal justice reform. Meanwhile, Trump only talks about plans on legalizing marijuana and other drugs, which Clinton also plans on doing, but she has more meat to her plans.

Clinton also plans on working on a fair tax system by providing tax relief to working families from the rising costs they face, cutting taxes for small business, closing corporate and Wall Street tax loopholes, and investing in infrastructure. Her economic program has been developed in a responsible manner, in order to create a basic fairness in the tax code, which will ensure that multi-millionaires pay their taxes.

Trump has a good plan for taxes, as well, his “1-5-10-15” plan, which is a great plan for the middle and working classes. However, there are still a few questions that remain, such as what will be considered the income people will be taxed on: gross or net income? Or what if executives change their relationship with their employers to consultants — how will they be taxed? Meanwhile, Clinton plans to approach this issue in a manner where we will see gradual but stable increase.

This pattern, of Clinton having well thought-out plans against Trump’s flashy but flawed plans, continues on most issues. The very reason people support Trump is because they see him as someone who isn’t a politician and isn’t going to be like previous politicians who can’t be trusted because they were involved in scandals and shady affairs. But that’s exactly the reason he shouldn’t be president. Trump is still new to this and lacks experience to run our country since he is a businessman

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