The college prepares for the Academic Fair


On April 6, the college will host its 18th annual Academic Festival.

English Professor, Christine Japely, coordinated the events. Japely said that the festival gives those who participate as hosts the opportunity to enlighten students.

“Anyone who wants to inspire students in a creative, academic way can come and speak,” Japely said.

This year’s theme will be “Justice for All.” According to Japely, the faculty members picked this year’s event because it is important to the “zeitgeist” and this year’s emphasis on multiple forms of injustice.

“The [faculty] has talked to students and many people on campus to develop a theme that seems right for the year. It ties in with the injustice that many young people might face,” Japely said.

Professor Catherine Brackett, a faculty member in the English Department, was involved in choosing the art for the festival’s promotion. With the help of Ken Lalli, professor of Graphic and Web Design, she chose three distinctive poster designs. According to Brackett, the posters were created with the festival’s theme in mind. She said that although the thematic elements could have rendered the posters “heavy.” they came out “beautifully.”

“They’re so different. We didn’t want it to be heavy. We want it to be kind of a mix,” Brackett said.

According to Japely, any student can participate in the festival. Students can participate through the student clubs here at the college or through their classes.

On April 5, the Model UN Club will be hosting a debate and discussion at the East Campus art gallery. The Theater Club and Music Club students will be performing at the PepsiCo Theater on April 6.

Engineering students will be showcasing their projects and a Cultural Anthropology class will be showing a film on global music.

On April 7, the college’s students will be able to take part in an open reading of poetry and an Introduction to World Religions class will be hosting an open classroom.

This year there will be four keynote speakers who will be live at different times.

In the past, the festival has only included one keynote speaker. The change was decided by the college’s faculty, who wanted to offer a variety of voices to the event.

This year keynote speakers are Carmen Perez, Odette Casamayor-Cisneros, Soffiyah Elijah and Douglas Lyons.

According to Japely, students will be allowed to to participate in events with their classes.

Japely said, “Student turnout has always been good because the faculty always brings their classes to the event.”

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