The Radio: Every Musicians Worst Nightmare


Turning on the radio these days is a painful reminder of how far music has fallen.

Music is a language that speaks to everyone in the world. It just has this special dialect that everyone can understand, while many have different tastes in music understanding music is never the problem.

Music was once about the telling stories of all kinds in ways that left the listeners linguistically tongue tied.  Nowadays music is a five word sentence repeated over and over again to the same generic rhythm in the background.

Of course the bass will occasionally drop in these songs, but come on let’s be honest people. A real bass hasn’t dropped since the underground days of Skrillex, Steve Aoki, and other dubstep artists.

That is the problem in the music industry as a whole. Mainstream music does not have any high standards anymore. Mainstream music will let anyone through the doors these days as long as they can be easily influenced and controlled to produce music that only follows the mainstream music’s loose standards of music.

How could I as a music enthusiast, encourage someone to turn the radio on when I know I am subjecting them to torture. I mean seriously, how can you fully enjoy and appreciate the phenomenal musical styling’s of John Legends most recent hit “All of Me” when you can’t skip the song after. I for one am not prone to taking a “hashtag” selfie when I hear that outrageous song by the Chainsmokers “#Selfie”.

Let’s face it people, mainstream music has been drunk off its feet since 2010. Only alcohol induced floozies would give a little taste to every flavor out there, even if that flavor is undeserving. Come on music business officials! Get with the program and fix the frequency on my radio, because right now it is stuck on headache and migraine frequencies.

Now don’t get me wrong not ALL music is a waste of time, but it’s just covered up with all this other noise that is declared music. The amount of club hopping, grinding music on the radio is nauseating. It gets to point that everything coming out a speaker is hard to listen any longer than the first verse, maybe people can get through the chorus at least once.

I will be the first to admit that many of the songs on the radio are extremely catchy. Jason Derulo, Rihanna, and other artists that have followed mainstream music have made great club hits that stay in your head for days. Unfortunately that’s where the problem lies.

These songs can have all the addicting beats and rhythms that seduce the listener and bring them into the song. A great upbeat song that makes you want to dance and speeds up your heart beat use to be hard to come by. Nowadays you can come across a great upbeat song on any station. The problem is that we as listener hear these songs way too many times.

How can these songs continue to seduce us if they are played constantly?

As happy as I can be when I hear Pharrell’s song “Happy” I am starting to get a little annoyed when every station plays that song a million times a day; even a song as happy as that one can drive someone to insanity when you hear it way too much.

I can complain all day long about the music of today, and harp on everything that has to do with the radio. But the truth is that I still thoroughly enjoy the music of today, I just don’t enjoy when the radio has nothing else to play. There is so much more than club songs in the music world, and I just with the radio were as generous with those songs as were with the songs they play now.

I personally think that that is not too much to ask at all. I dream of a day that I can turn to my radio when I iPod has done me wrong, and no longer satisfies my musical appetite. I dream of a day that my radio can one day become my savior once again, just like it was when I was just a bit younger.

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