Upgraded phone system creates solutions


In with the new phone system, out with the old phone system.

On March 1st the phone system on campus has been upgraded due to some problems with the old phone system in the past.

In each class room on campus there’s a Cisco Internet Protocol Phone, which are basically mini computers according to Dean Ellis. In the past the phones have had some problems.

After repeated attempts to obtain an interview both Alan Anderson (Acting Director, Information Technology), and Wyatt Bissell (Assistant Director of Information Technology) refused to comment.

“We did have some problems with the phones… It was a fix that needed to be done to some hardware as well as some software,” said Dean of Administration Rose R. Ellis.

Other Professors and workers on campus have also had some problems using the phone system. Some problems include messages not showing up, not being able to access messages and not realizing it until a few day later.

“A few days later suddenly a message would be there that somebody left, we weren’t getting messages,” said Andrea Wilson, a student worker at Fairfield County Women’s Club when she was asked about any problems she’s had in the past with the old phone system.

“I’ve had some trouble with phones in classrooms. I teach twice a week in the Gen Re Forum which is a large classroom, and there is a telephone in that classroom that does not work at all. There have been times when I’ve tried to call IT to help with the cinema screenings in my classes, and the phone is dead. I found that to be an inconvenience and also possibly if there’s any kind of an emergency situation it could be more than an inconvenience it could be a danger,” said John Shields a professor of Communication Arts when asked the same question.

“We were waiting for our system office IT to give us the go ahead to go forward and make these changes, and purchase the hardware and the software that was needed to make the correction,” said Ellis.

The new phone system has become digital as opposed to the old analogue phone system.

“We now have Cisco Internet Voice Over IP phones as they’re called, which are digital phones that go over the network. The beauty of the phones that go over the network… less expensive to have the phones going over the network,” said Ellis.

The digital phones are less expensive because the analogue phone  system had minute to minute charges, which don’t happen over the network. However the downside of the new phone system is that if the network goes down so do the phones.

According to Ellis the phone system has been in need of an upgrade for well over six month’s. Now that the phone system has been upgraded the problems have been resolved.

“I think it’s working very well, I don’t have any complaints about it. For me it’s been very clear communication, I haven’t had any dropped calls, or anything, and to the best of my knowledge I’m getting all the messages.”  said  Wilson when asked about the new phone system.

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