Veterans’ Club collects food for those overseas


Until Dec. 10 The Veterans’ Club at NCC is collecting donations of food, snacks, drink mixes and toiletries for care packages to send to troops serving overseas. The club has set up donation tables in the lobbies of the east and west campuses and around the community in an organized effort to surprise soldiers with things they can’t get abroad.

“Soldiers that are in remote areas will be very grateful for receiving items they do not have access to,” said Sgt. Gero Caponera, the Founder and President of the NCC Military Veterans’ Club.  “As a veteran that has received care packages while deployed to Iraq, I can say that it is a great feeling, especially when you are not expecting them.”

Items that soldiers wish for the most are sometimes the simplest like coffee and junk food.

“My favorite thing to get was baby wipes, it’s never easy to get a shower there,” Former Sgt. Sam Roy, the Vice President of the Veterens’ Club, said. “It gets lonely there talking to the same people, so it’s really nice to get magazines and stuff that reminds you of what is going on at home, but everyone is different.”

Other highly sought after items are things like socks and baby powder. The goal is to give the soldiers things that remind them of home and give them the comfort of home.

The “care packages for soldiers” project started at NCC but it has unexpectedly expanded to the entire community. Small businesses and local individuals have a donated a huge portion of the care packages.

For more information or if you would like to donate goods for soldiers contact Charles Kruzshack, the NCC Military Club Advisor at (203) 857 – 7015

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