Wifi and computers offered to students



As the campus re-opened Wednesday due to the power outage from the storm, students struggled into the door to the Computer labs and library to charge cell phones, iPods, Computers you name it anything to last them through the day until they get home with no power.
On October 28, 2012 Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast creating floods, power outages, need for evacuations and deaths. Millions left without power up to more then a week or two, roads were closed due to flooding not to mention still being placed on flood watch, it was a hassle for students to get to school on Wednesday students from Bridgeport, Fairfield, Norwalk and others areas.


Despite losing power until Tuesday night the library and computer labs still opened at regular times, which wasn’t really surprising. People weren’t rushing as much as you think just to find an outlet.  Usage was not limited in the computer labs of library it was pretty much a normal. The day felt like a regular normal in school unless if you had no way of making it to school on Wednesday.


Martha J. Kruy, Librarian had this to stay about the situation “We did not need to limit anyone’s usage of the computers, copiers, printers, or other resources, though the library has been full with in the past two weeks. The school has limited the amount of classes taught in the library by visiting the classes in their regular rooms in order more students to use the instructional classroom computer.”


Wi-Fi was a problem for a lot of students due to the storm being students couldn’t get assignments complete or even find out if classes were going to be held Wednesday or not.
The school didn’t run on a generator during the aftermath of storm, power come back successfully with very little damage here and there

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